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Name:kyuhyun & yesung
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Kim Jongwoon, aka Yesung (Art-Like Voice), is a Korean Idol Pop singer belonging to one of the hottest/biggest groups in Korea, namely known as Super Junior.

With his strong husky dramatic vocals, he's definitely one of the four lead vocalists and the leader of Super Junior's sub-group, Super Junior K.R.Y.


Cho Kyuhyun is a Korean Idol Pop singer belonging in the same group alongside with Yesung. He is also one of the 3 member group with Yesung in Super Junior K.R.Y, being the youngest among all the members.

He has a rich, mellow vocals that is on par with Yesung, therefore the two are being dubbed as the soul vocals.


1. Members are only allowed to post and/or share pictures, fanfiction, videos which are again, Kyusung-centric. However to avoid post-flooding in this community, each member/author should try to post at most twice a day. We understand if you have a lot to share; if it's multiple stories put them all in one post; if it's picspam or videos, put them both together. Warnings would be given if rules are breached.

2. Remember to use lj-cuts if you are posting fanfiction directly to the community (though it'd be easier if you just linked to your journal), or if you are doing a picspam/video spam. One picture or one video doesn't require a lj-cut, though ^^

3. All entries posted in this community must be accessible to all members within a minimum period 72 hours.

4. I'm giving the benefit of doubt that all members are sweet, nicely, amicable people who don't go around bashing, flaming, cyber-bullying, hurling critics and abuses. We don't need flamers here for all the shit.


5. See this post for guides to tagging!

6. We do not condone any member who plagiarises other author's work. You know the consequence is simply too obvious - YOU ARE OUT.

7. Credit any images/videos/(even)fictions you have posted here, if necessary.

8. If you would like to advertise, please refer to this post. We'd like you to know that this is not just another place for throwing your advertisements around, though.

9. The membership is not moderated. That means, once you click join, you've joined and you're free to post whatever you want and view all members-locked posts. We're trusting that you won't abuse this right.

10. Be sure to have fun, make friends, and fangirl away~ Or fanboy. XD

11. Any enquiries, just contact the mods! We're generally very friendly people and we won't go all elitist on your ass ^^


Kyusung is a rare pairing of the SJ-fandom and this community is set up to shower and spread their love.

They may be awkward together, snarky as a pair, evil as a couple, adorable in their ways, dorky together, extremely sexy together and every other thing you can think of to describe them. Nevertheless they are still a lovely pair to be shipped by us. ^^ ♥


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